Ref.#N442 FLAEDLE, Impact Glass Slice, Noerdlinger Ries, 18.26 g


$4.70 USD each


Ref # N442, RIES CRATER Flaedle, 11.98 g

NOERDLINGER RIES Meteorite Impact Structure is located at Latitude: 48°53' North, Longitude: 10°34' East, GERMANY.

Impact Glass Slice, Weight: 11.98g, Dimensions: 48.7 x 31.7 x 7.4 mm max.

Class: Flaedle
15.1 million years old Impact Structure
Country: GERMANY
Date: Find: 2003

Nördlinger Ries

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Nördlinger Ries
Nördlinger Ries Relief Map, SRTM-1.jpg
Relief Map of Nördlinger Ries
Impact crater/structure
Confidence Confirmed
Diameter 24 km (15 mi)
Age 15.1 ± 0.1 Ma
Middle Miocene
Exposed Yes
Drilled Yes
Bolide type Achondrite
Coordinates 48°53′N 10°34′ECoordinates48°53′N 10°34′E
Country Germany
State Bavaria
District Donau-Ries
Municipality Nördlingen
Nördlinger Ries is located in Germany
Nördlinger Ries
Location of the crater in Germany

The Nördlinger Ries is an impact crater, large circular depression in western BavariaGermany, located north of the Danube in the district of Donau-Ries. The city of Nördlingen is located inside the depression, about 6 kilometers (3.7 mi) southwest of its centre.