Volcanic Bombs

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Volcanic Bombs filled with Olivine and/or other Minerals, as un-cut, cut-in-half or sliced.
Olivine/ Peridot Crystals, and rare Micromount Minerals.

This 'meteorwrong' is from the depth of our earth, thrown out at a volcanic eruption as a volcanic or olivine bomb. This is as close as we can get to samples from the core of our Earth, unveiling the secrets of our planets build-up.

Most of the Volcanic Bombs are filled nearly completely with nice green olivine crystals, most of them shattered by the enormous forces of the eruption. 

The bombs are often drop shaped due to their solidifying from a liquid or semi liquid form as they plummet through the air. Mt. Shadwell is noted as a good source of olivine and augite ultramafic xenolith as well as clinopyroxene and orthoclase megacrysts contained in basalts and scoria. The host rock is basanite which is the most common lava of the explosive centres.