Ref.#N226 DELLENITE TAGAMITE, crystallized Impact Melt, End Cut, 160.44 g


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Ref # N226, DELLENITE TAGAMITE Crystalized Impact Melt, End Cut, 160.44 g

DELLEN Meteorite Impact Structure is located at Coordinates: 61°51′N 16°42′E 

Impact Melt End Cut, Weight: 160.44 g, Dimensions: 130.1 x 55.4 x 20.97 mm max.

Class: crystallized impact melt
89 million years old Impact Structure, approx. 19 km diameter
Country: SWEDEN
Date: Find: 2002

Some of the impact rock from the site is called tagamite. It is a term that was introduced in 1975 to describe impact rock from the Popigai crater in Russia. Varieties of tagamites are described based on crystallinity, texture and clast content.