Ref.#Mu731, MUNDRABILLA IAB-ung, Weight: 91.26 g


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Ref # Mu731 MUNDRABILLA IAB-ung, Iron Meteorite, Individual,

Weight: 91.26 g

Latitude: 30° 44' South, Longitude: 127° 33' East,

Nullabor Plain, WESTERN AUSTRALIA, FIND: 1911


Dimensions: 54.1 x 29.1 x 26.2 mm max.
Name: Mundrabilla
Class: IIICD-AN, sulphide-rich iron, medium Octahedrite (0.6mm)

Country: Nullabor Plain, WESTERN AUSTRALIA
Date: Find: 1911
TKW: + 24,000 kg approx.

Two masses of 10- 12 tons and 5.5 tons were found in March 1966, laying within only very slight depressions in clayed soil, Met.Bull., 1067, (39), Meteoritics, 1970, 5, p.90. Three smaller masses of Premier Downs, assigned to this shower, were found in 1911 and 1918; the larger mass of Mundrabilla is in Perth (Western Australian Museum), the smaller mass went to Adelaide, then to Heidelberg for cutting and distribution.

Since it's discovery may more pieces have been found on this about 100 km streching strewnfield, one of the largest in the world.

In 2002 the Mundrabilla anomalous iron was re-described as a IAB complex duo. This means it shares similar characteristics with another iron, Waterville.