Ref # Wo315, genuine Wolfe Creek Iron Meteorite (IIIB),Complete Shaleball, Weight: 1250 g


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Ref # Wo315, genuine Wolfe Creek Meteorite

Iron Meteorite (IIIB), Medium Octahedrite, Found: 1947, Latitude: 19 Deg 18 Min South, Longitude: 127 Deg 46 Min East, Western Australia, AUSTRALIA. Complete Shaleball, Weight: 1250 g, Dimensions: 109.1 x 95.7 x 87.9 mm max.

Meteorite Name: WOLFE CREEK
Class: Iron Meteorite IIIB, OM
medium Octahedrite 0.85 mm
shock-hatched kamacite structure
Date: Find: 1947

Wolfe Creek Crater or 'Gandimalal', as seen by our indigenous Australians:

Jaru and Walmajarri Aboriginal people call the crater Gandimalal and have known of its existence for thousands of years.

A Jaru story tells of two rainbow snakes moving across the land to form Jurambalarn (Sturt Creek) and Ngurriny (Wolfe Creek). Gandimalal is the place where one of the snakes came out of the ground.

A Walmajarri story tells of a rainbow snake named Karlputa who came to Gandimalal from Bidyadanga (La Grange) on the coast south of Broome. The crater rim is where Karlputa has pushed up the ground. The central area of the crater is salty because Karlputa came from the sea. Karlputa still lies under the crater.

Please note: Due to its many thousands of years exposed to the earthen elements, the meteorite iron has changed into hematite or meteorite shale. Only in very large shale balls tiny bits of un-altered iron has been found so this meteorite could be properly analysed. This meteorite shale is still strongly attracted by the magnet. A specimen not to be missed in any collection.

Areal View of the famous Wolfe Creek Meteorite Crater

Western Australia