Ref#3 NWA 6215 L3 (prov) Chondrite, 22.69 g,


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Ref # 3 Ordinary Chondrite Meteorite NWA 6215 L3 (prov.)  22.69 g  Slice

Found in the Sahara Desert of Morocco by Nomads in 2009

Name: NWA 6215 L3 (prov.)
Location:  Sahara Desert
Country: MOROCCO
ordinary Chondrite L3
Total Known Weight: 453 g

Dimensions: 61.4 x 46.7 x 4.1 mm max.

This Ordinary Chondrite L3 is a stony meteorite of of a rare class. L3 Chondrites have hardly been altered by thermal processes, as they have not been exposed to high temperatures. In this NWA 6215 L3 you find a very beautiful (S2) (W2) Ordinary Chondrite, showing very nice and distinct chondrules.

One meteorite weighing 453 g has been purchased in Rissani, Morocco in Jan. 2010 by Norbert Kammel of ROCKS ON FIRE and a sample sent for analysis and classification to the Bathurst Observatory Research Facility in New South Wales, Australia with type sample to be sent to Australian National University. Analysis by Ray Pickard, Bathurst Observatory Research Facility, Hugh O'Neill, ANU.

The analysis confirmed that it is a ordinary Chondrite Type L3 with a shock grade of 2 and a weathering grade of 2. The Data has been submitted to the Nomenclature Committee for publication in the Meteorite Bulletin and the prov. Name North West Africa 6215 (prov.) has been assigned to it. 

A Specimen not to be missed in any Meteorite Collection.