Ref.#MNT3 MUONG NONG, layered tektite, LAOS, 242.7 g RESERVED !


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MUON NONG, layered tektite, LAOS

Dimensions: 84.6 x 83.9 x 36.4 mm max.

Weight: 242.7 g

Muong Nong tektites or layered tektites are predominantly found in the Indochinite strewnfield. In all the others strewnfields this type of tektite is found only as a very rare piece. In the younger Indochinite impact region they can be found as both large and small masses. These tektites do not have the appearance of having been thrown up into the atmosphere as the splash forms have. Many of the Muong Nong tektites have been selected from bomb craters in Eastern Laos.

Muong Nong tektites are typically larger, greater than 10 cm in size and 24 kg in weight, irregular, and layered tektites. They have a chunky, blocky appearance, exhibit a layered structure with abundant vesicles, and contain mineral inclusions, such as zircon, baddeleyite, chromite, rutile, corundum, cristobalite, and coesite.